Paging Virginia Woolf

The other day as I was wasting time on Facebook perusing Facebook for blog inspiration, a link to this popped up on my feed.

It was written by the lovely and talented Karianne over at Thistlewood Farm.   (Have you seen her blog?  Seriously, go over there right now and take a look.  Total home d├ęcor porn. )

So in her post Karianne gave us a little behind-the-scenes glimpse at Thistlewood Farm.  Specifically she showed us where she blogs.  And as it turns out, she blogs in exactly the same place I blog: the kitchen.  The difference, of course, is that Karianne’s kitchen looks like this and mine, well, let’s just say mine doesn’t.  (Probably explains the difference in our blogs.)

And I have to admit that this is a bit of a sore subject for me, the fact that I blog in the kitchen.  Because it’s not just the blogging I do there.  It’s also the bill paying, the phone call making, the permission slip signing--I think you're starting to get the picture...

Now don’t get me wrong, I *know* how lucky I am.  I mean, this is the view from my kitchen window and I promise you that I’m grateful for it:

Yes, that is a giant inflatable swan in the pool.
She's my Beyonce.
(If you don't understand that reference please click here.  You will not regret it.)

However I find it somewhat ironic that the person who runs the home, the one who spends the most time here, the person whose job title has the word home (as in HOMEmaker) prominently displayed within it, is the one person in the home who lacks a room of her own.  (Every so often I need to get back to my English teacher roots and throw in a literary reference or two.  Just bear with me.)  

Each of my daughters has a bedroom and together they share a playroom.  My husband has an office and, although it’s also a guestroom, he has another office at work and that one is all his. 

I have a spot at the kitchen table. 

My laptop stays there, open and running all day long, and unless I've been uber-productive there’s generally a stack of papers nearby that needs sorting through.  It’s really not very pretty.

So in answer to your question, Karianne (that one about where I blog) well, here it is, warts and all:


It may not be terribly glamorous but it’s all mine.  

(That is until more than five people want to eat at the table.  Then I have to share.  ;)) 

So, I gotta ask:  Where do you blog?


  1. OK....seriously....I could not believe it when I saw the Beyonce reference. I LOVE the Blogess....are you following the giant chicken on facebook?

    And I love the view where you blog and I love this post and I love that you gave me a shout out.

    Simply put, you are a rock star :)


  2. Beyonce! Seriously, that is my favorite blog post in the history of all blogs and all blog posts!

    And thanks for NOT sharing what you wear because Kari's comment thread quickly became disturbingly TMI! Yuck!



  3. 1) Thank you for introducing me to the beauty that is Beyonce. While I have read that blog from time to time, I had never seen that post before. Fantastic!

    2) I say take away the playroom and adopt that room for yourself. Isn't it enough that they have a pool...with a SWAN? ;) lol

    3) I typically blog just propped in my rocking chair in living room. Sometimes, though, when I want to pretend to be good at blogging, I get a little more official and go into the office instead. (Read: If the kiddo is up, I'm stuck in the living room, but if I'm smart enough to save blogging for while he naps, I get to enjoy some quiet time in the office.)

  4. Ha! I love The Blogess. I've been reading her for a few years now and I'd almost forgotten about Beyonce. I also read Karianne and I get totally depressed every time I go to her blog. (in a good way, of course. I mean, my house looks like that all the time)

    Now, for the answer to your question. I blog from my couch. In my family room. With my laptop on a... TV tray! Yep, a TV tray. A wobbly TV tray. How's that for depressing?

    Oh, and I have to agree with Aramelle. You should totally take over the playroom. ;~)

    Have an outstanding weekend!

  5. Love your spot! It is real! I went to Thistlewood, but it was too perfect, Captain Crunch and all. Anyway, found you on Cheri's blogspot. I am following you, will you follow me back? Still trying to figure out the Virginia Woolf reference...

  6. Bootylicious! You and Beyonce look like you are having a grand old time blogging the hours away! Now, if only the family would eat in another room, you'd be set!

  7. Ok, you just referenced my MOST FAVORITE blog post EVER!! I totally pictured my BF and I buying that metal chicken at Home Goods when I first read her post! "That chicken will cut you!" HAHAHAHA! Love it! You have your own Beyonce, the question is, does it irritate your hubby? ;-) Love your blog!
    Keep it coming!

  8. Confession: the swan actually belongs to my husband. It was a gag gift from my daughters and myself for his last birthday. (And he loves it!)

    He also loves the Beyonce story and was the one who made the original comparison between the swan and the chicken. I don't know if it was the story itself or the sight of me laughing so hard that I cried, but he enjoyed it almost as much as I did.

    Knock, knock...

  9. I blog all over...in the family room...in the kitchen...in the bedroom...where ever I can escape. Our "office"is upstairs and I must admit I was much better at time management when I could not easily access the computer all the top...the laptop did me in.

  10. I blog all over...in the family room...in the kitchen...in the bedroom...where ever I can escape. Our "office"is upstairs and I must admit I was much better at time management when I could not easily access the computer all the top...the laptop did me in.

  11. In my big comfy recliner with my laptop desk. I can watch TV, watch my animals (usually sleeping...or eating) and see my hubbs through the kitchen window and hurriedly shut my computer down, get up and act busy. So he doesn't know I have been sitting on my bum and on my laptop for oh like 2 hours, haha

  12. I have your view and I'm sitting at the exact same island as in her kitchen...however, my kitchen is such a disaster right now, I have all of the shades closed so no one can see inside! I'm having a bit of kitchen envy!!


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