Serious Girl Crush

Have you seen this video of Kristen Bell on The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

I had only watched Ellen once or twice before this and knew next to nothing about Bell.

Now I want to be her best friend and have sleepovers where we paint each other nails.

And if that were actually to happen, I would be at waay more than an eleven.


  1. Hi Elena, I am replying to your comment here, since you are a no-reply blogger (to correct, check this post: http://cheapchichome.blogspot.com/2011/04/become-reply-commenter.html) and I don't see an email on your homepage. I think you are right-on with the way you are handling your blog grammar. I shudder to think how you would rate my blog overall since language arts is a terrible weak point of mine (I home-schooled one year and felt sorry for my poor kids as I muddled through it. Yes, I'm left-brained.) You do have word verification "on." To remove it, instructions are included in this post: http://cheapchichome.blogspot.com/2010/02/blog-tips-no-3.html. New bloggers receive absolution, since they are learning.
    If you look at my tabs at the top of my blog page, I have one that reads "Blog Tips." You may want to take a look through them. Best of luck!

  2. Kim,
    Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and comment. I really appreciate it! I will go remedy the "no comment" thing right now. I also thought I disabled the WV but it was late and I was on my ipad. I guess I forgot to save my changes ;) (Do you have much of a problem with spam comments?)

    Please know that I read your blog and the grammar has never struck me as poor!

    Again, thanks for the help. As of right now my SIL is my only regular reader and I could write the whole blog in a language she doesn't speak and she'd still tell me it was great ;) I appreciate a neutral perspective.

  3. Hi Elena! Saw your comment on Kim's blog and wanted to come over and give a new blogger a little blog luv!

    I saw the Kristen Bell video a couple of weeks ago and I felt the same way that you did. I'm not a sloth fan, but bring me a prairie dog or a baby otter and I'd be melting down just like she did. ;~)

    I just took a quick spin around your blog and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. (BTW, I start sentences with conjunctions all the time, too.)

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Stop by my place any time and say howdy!

  4. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it and will go check out your blog as soon as the little ones head out to school! ;)

  5. i love sloths and now...EVEN MORE!!! kristen is fun and a great person -- i now want to go watch 3 seasons of Veronica Mars! : ) nice to meet you -- your newest follower...linda from it all started with paint told me about you so i hopped right over! Good luck with your blog...i will certainly be watching : )

  6. Thanks Andrea! I just snuck a peek at your blog. You had me at the dachshunds!! Can't wait to look at it more thoroughly!

  7. Please run, don't walk and watch Veronica Mars! Bell plays a sassy high school PI. I know from that description that you aren't sold, however, you will love it. Definitely not appropriate for the girls, but you and your mister (are you disclosing names?) will love it!

  8. Jules, I remember when that show came on. At the time it just didn't fit into our TV watching schedule so we didn't watch it. I always heard it was great.

    As for names, I think I'll be doing pseudonyms. (Emmie, Ellie and I don't know about the Mr. :)

    Thanks for reading!


  9. Hahah yeah, she is great. I'm sure I would be just like her if dogs were sloths...


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