'a casarella

A small plaque affixed to our house reads 'a casarella. When my mother first saw it, she smiled. "I think it means little house," she told me. Though it had been purchased by the previous owners, we decided to keep the plaque. It's a sweet way to welcome people to our little house.

When I came up with it for a blog name I was sure it had already been taken. As Blogger (the blogging program) searched its archives to tell me if the name was available I thought to myself, "This is a sign. If this name is available I should start a blog. If not, forget it." I crossed my fingers but I'm not sure if was hoping for or against it. I've wanted to start a blog for awhile now but have talked myself out of it on numerous occasions. Does the world need another stay-at-home mom blogging about design and crafts and cooking and motherhood? Can the world bear more endless talk about first world problems? Only time will tell...


  1. Yes, yes we do need another stay-at-home mom blogger who has such and amazing voice!

    Love your blog and will be sending some of my friends your way ...



  2. Thank you!! I just got home after an exhausting day of Valentine's Parties and it was so nice to find your comments :)

  3. I just spent the evening reading your first 2+months of posts. I'm hooked!

  4. yes we do! Plus, first world problems might actually be fun to read about:)


  5. LOL first world problems. Found you from the link up! I love your blog name!


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