Don't judge me!

Why yes, I did just spend thirty minutes organizing my daughters' crayons by color.  

Organizing is a passion of mine.  Passion--sickness--whatever.  It makes me awfully happy.

And to prove that I'm not completely delusional, I ask that you note all of the broken crayons.  If I were truly OCD those puppies would never have made the cut.  As it stands I have two little girls who keep my sanity in check.  There was no way they were sacrificing some of their favorite crayons (why else would they be so well-loved?) for the purpose of this picture.  Well-played, girls.  Well-played.


  1. Elena,

    I am so very much loving your blog! Wish you still lived in Chicago. We could be the best of buddies ... meeting for coffee ... taking the girls to American Girl downtown ...

    ... oh, the dreams I have!



  2. Love this picture ... one is never too old for crayons ... at 70 I have the big tin of Crayolas. ;-)

  3. I love this! All of our crayons are just shoved in a box (or ten!). I stumbled upon a few of your pins on Pinterest, then started following, browsing al your pins, so now I'm here, poking around. So happy I found your blog, following now:)



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